• Newborns

    Finn {Florida Keys Newborn Photographer}

    When mom is a part time party planner, you can bet she’s going to come prepared with some fantastic newborn ideas.  I photographed this little guy’s baby sister a few years ago and they turned out great, so I’ve been looking forward to these for a while now.  He didn’t disappoint, did he? I absolutely love the way the photos with dad and the kids turned out.



  • Newborns

    Miss P {Florida Keys Newborn Photographer}

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Miss. P because I haven’t had a little girl newborn in a while (lots of little boys).  I’ve known P’s mom and dad for years so I knew they’d be up for anything I wanted to try.  P’s daddy is a pilot so we were able to throw in some airplane themed shots with some props mommy brought.  Isn’t she adorable in the shots below?  Mommy also didn’t want too much pink so we stuck to the more gender neutral colors.  I love the shots we got and can’t wait to watch Miss P grow up.

  • Newborns

    Mia {Florida Keys Newborn Photographer}

    I’ve been excited and anxious about Mia’s arrival for about a month now.  I purchased a few new props just to try out on her.  We weren’t really sure if she was going to make her grand entrance a little early or on time but it turned out she came a little early and the new family was home in time for a trip to the studio on Father’s Day.  What a dream Mia was.  She slept the entire time which really allowed me to snap away.  Congrats to the new family, including big brother Elijah.