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    Apologies for the recent contact page issue

    Just wanted to take a moment to apologize to any of you out there that may have reached out over the last few weeks and didn’t hear back. If you happen to come back to the site, please resubmit your request. My contact form plugin had an issue. All better now.

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    When Should I Schedule Senior Photos?

    I’m often asked when it’s best to schedule senior photos. There are several different options/responses but what I found with my own son was, if you can pull it off, try to do them in the fall and in the spring. I know, that’s not ideal, but if you can do a little mini session during the summer before the senior year, you’ll be amazed how much they grow during that last year. I can’t believe, looking back at these, how different he looks. Summer is first against the brick. Then fall golf. Then spring at the end. They’re not TERRIBLY different but enough that I see a difference as a mom.

    That said, if you can only choose one option, I’d say fall-ish or March so you’re not trying to mess with it last minute.

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    It Must Be Senior Season

    Maybe it’s because I have a senior myself, but the year is flying by. I’ve known some of these “kids” their entire lives, so it feels especially bittersweet. This kid though…I met him when he moved in 2nd grade (I think) and he and my son have shared lots of memories over the years. I can’t wait to see where he journey takes him next.

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    Happy 2nd Birthday, K!

    K’s mom is super creative with the props (he loves Buzz Lightyear) and I LOVED being able to do these outside with his favorite Jeep!

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    Blythe’s Senior Photos

    I was supposed to take family photos of this family from Maryland again, but the rest of the family (errr…the guys!) bowed out. So, Blythe and I opted to get some senior type photos done on the beach. She was such a fun and pliable subject! There were SO many good shots, but I’m such a sucker for the sun flare when it works.

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    Under the Moonlight – Prom 2021 {Marathon Photographer}

    It seemed like there may not be a prom for Marathon High School students this year but several teachers and members of the Marathon community worked together to make it happen for the kids. It may have been in a gym and the photos were done in a hallway, but it turned out beautifully.