• Family,  Kiddos

    “M” Family {Marathon Family Photographer}

    What a busy week this week has been already. 7 Mile Bridge Run event coming up in a few days, but first, when gramma comes to town AND all the grandkids are here too….you do photos! Blended family photos with gramma are kind of our thing. 5 kids under the age of 7? No worries at all.

  • Seniors

    “R” {Marathon Senior Photographer}

    I love it when seniors bring something to personalize their photos. What started as a Father/Son quarantine project made for a great senior photo prop at the high school. After a quick wardrobe change, we added some casual photos at the beach where we discovered he has a great pensive look. Good luck at fire college!

  • Family,  Kiddos

    The “H” Family {Key West Family Photographer}

    This is as much fun as I’ve had in a few weeks. We had to reschedule this session at least two times because of wind! Because the family is local, we were able to be picky and boy am I glad we were. These two kiddos had me running and laughing almost the entire session. Their laughter and energy was so contagious!

  • Family,  Kiddos

    “J” Family x 4, is it? {Marathon Family Photographer}

    Has it been 4 years? Maybe 5? I remember when this family first contacted me to do photos with twin 3 or 4 year olds. I brought my oldest son to help me carry a few things and he and the twins hit it off. We had so much fun, laughing and carrying on, but honestly I never really expected to see the family again. Well, 4 ish years and several sessions later, I’m so happy to have been able to watch these babies to grow into kind, smart and cute kiddos. Maybe next year we’ll get an accurate count… 🙂

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    “W” Family {Marathon Family Photographer}

    26 in your group? No worries at all! This family was so much fun (and organized, which helps!). It was the second time I photographed a few of them a first for a few others. Everyone was together for mom and dad’s anniversary so they took the time to get some updated photos. We did the large group (as seen below) but also did group shots of the smaller families. All in about 45-60 minutes!

  • Family,  Kiddos

    “H” Family Visit #2 {Marathon Family Photographer}

    It means so much to me when I get to photograph a family from out of town more than once. The Keys are a great destination for a family vacation, but I meet so many families that never come back that when one does and they call me to photograph them again, I get so excited. This family visited before COVID 19 quarantine and MAY be talked into coming back again. I loved seeing how tall the boys got! They get it from their momma, for sure 😉