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    The “H” Family {Key West Family Photographer}

    This is as much fun as I’ve had in a few weeks. We had to reschedule this session at least two times because of wind! Because the family is local, we were able to be picky and boy am I glad we were. These two kiddos had me running and laughing almost the entire session. Their laughter and energy was so contagious!

  • Family,  Kiddos

    Starkey Family {Marathon, FL Family Photographer}

    So fun to see friends from high school all grown up and with a family. I photographed the older brother 4 years ago and got to meet the little guy this weekend!  We did get the parents in a few shots, but those will have to wait for sharing. 


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    Reef {Marathon Children’s Photographer}

    Mr. Man is graduating from Pre-K and heading to the big boy school next year.  Mom had some fun ideas for photos that she plans to duplicate SEVERAL years from now when he’s a senior in high school so she wanted a quick session for him.  Isn’t his shirt cute? These were taken at Tranquility Bay in Marathon where the weather cooperated 100%.  I love when that happens!  The weather, combined with the personality of this little pistol made this session a lot of fun.  We actually took several more photos than we intended (even some family photos), but when you have Dad and Mom around too, what’s a photographer to do?  Oops!


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    The Davis Family {Florida Keys Family Photographer}

    The Davis family contacted me just before their arrival to see about some family photos while they were in town on vacation.  At first, I didn’t have any availability but because they were flexible (read: willing to get up early on vacation), we were able to work it out.  The vacation was the family Christmas present to each other and they wanted to capture what they described as a “special family moment.”  In addition to grabbing some family photos of mom and dad, brother and sister and the whole family, we grabbed some maternity photos for the new parents to be.  I’m so glad we were able to squeeze this crew in because I know it meant a lot to them to capture this experience/vacation.


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    The C Family {Hawks Cay Family Photographer}

    The C family contacted me about some blended family pictures of the grandkids as a surprise for Gramma during their stay on Duck Key near Hawks Cay.  The personality of these kids made the session so much fun. There was a storm in the area which made for perfect cloud cover and great light, but unfortunately, that usually means the blues and greens in the water don’t really come out as well.  So, we focused more on close ups for the most part.  We did some individual shots and some group shots for Gramma, then just did some fun photos as we had time.  We also got to utilize one of my favorite trees right on the Hawks Cay grounds just before dark. This family comes into town at least annually, so I hope to see them again.


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    Tobin {Marathon Family Photographer}

    Coming in from New Jersey and staying at Hawks Cay on Duck Key, this family opted to leave the resort for their family photos.  It was pretty windy but nothing a few patches of mangroves couldn’t fix.  I love how happy this group was.  The kids got along well (usual for this age) and were fine with whatever ideas I came up with and whatever Mom and Dad could throw at them.


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    The Liepshutz Family {Marathon Family Photographer}

    I had another opportunity to meet a fun new family.  This family came “all the way” from the Orlando area for a quick stay at Tranquility Bay.  The photos were a surprise to the dad and son and the weather didn’t completely cooperate, but we made the most of it and got some great shots.  You almost can’t tell it was blowing about 25 straight into the beach area of the hotel.  🙂


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    The B Family {Florida Keys Family Photographer}

    So. Much.  Fun.  The B’s were a somewhat last minute session that just happened to work out perfectly.  We photographed Mom, Dad and daughters and add the in-laws in for some pictures as well.  It’s always nice to get grandparent and grandkid photos any opportunity you have.  After we did some posed family photos, we did have an opportunity to do a few candid shots of the girls too.  Dad has his hands full with these beauties for sure!


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    Stephens Pack {Marathon Family Photographer}

    As the kids get older and have families of their own, it becomes harder to grab them all in one place at one time.  This year, the annual Marathon Seafood Festival brought one of my favorite families together.  Capt. Art and his 3 kids were all in 1 place at one time (after taking a break from manning the beer booth) just long enough for some quick pictures.  These are black and white conversions of some of my favorites.  We didn’t have too much time (places to go, people to see) but I’m so glad they made the effort.

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