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    Under the Moonlight – Prom 2021 {Marathon Photographer}

    It seemed like there may not be a prom for Marathon High School students this year but several teachers and members of the Marathon community worked together to make it happen for the kids. It may have been in a gym and the photos were done in a hallway, but it turned out beautifully.

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    Starkey Family {Marathon, FL Family Photographer}

    So fun to see friends from high school all grown up and with a family. I photographed the older brother 4 years ago and got to meet the little guy this weekend!  We did get the parents in a few shots, but those will have to wait for sharing. 


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  • Family,  Kiddos

    Reef {Marathon Children’s Photographer}

    Mr. Man is graduating from Pre-K and heading to the big boy school next year.  Mom had some fun ideas for photos that she plans to duplicate SEVERAL years from now when he’s a senior in high school so she wanted a quick session for him.  Isn’t his shirt cute? These were taken at Tranquility Bay in Marathon where the weather cooperated 100%.  I love when that happens!  The weather, combined with the personality of this little pistol made this session a lot of fun.  We actually took several more photos than we intended (even some family photos), but when you have Dad and Mom around too, what’s a photographer to do?  Oops!


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  • Seniors

    Noah {Marathon Senior Photographer}

    What a cool young man.  I almost wrote “kid.”  He’s not a kid though.  Noah is a member of the Marathon High School class of 2017 and will head off to school in Michigan this fall.  Though he started out as a bit of a shy guy at the beginning of the session, I felt like by the end of it, he was actually enjoying the sesssion a little.  He probably wouldn’t admit it to his mom, but I think he actually had fun.  Gasp!  Good luck, Noah!  I’m sure you’ll do great things.

    Location – Sombrero Beach –  Marathon, FL

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  • Newborns

    Baby A {Marathon Newborn Photographer}

    I don’t make a habit of posting newborn sessions.  Not because they aren’t the cutest and squishiest little things, but because it’s such a special time to the family that I don’t need to be the one putting the baby out on the internet.  I typically ask the family if they’d like for me to post something to Facebook and if they do, I’ll post one or two.  Admittedly, I haven’t always handled newborn sessions this way, but it is how I do things now.  I also don’t post the baby’s name unless the family is ok with it.

    This session with this little girl was almost a breeze.  Newborn sessions are never easy, but she was a dream to work with.  Isn’t she a doll?

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  • Seniors

    Carolina {Marathon Senior Photographer}

    This is a busy time of year for our seniors in town.  Announcements are starting to go out letting everyone know that our seniors are graduating.  Plans are being made for graduation, graduation parties and then on to the BIG PLANS.  I always like doing senior photos and listening to their plans for the future.  I have no doubt that this young woman will succeed in whatever she decides to do.  We needed to reschedule once because of rain and the session ended up being super windy, but it was fun nonetheless.

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  • Seniors

    Lindsey {Florida Keys Senior Photographer}

    Lindsey and her family spend time at a second home they have here in Marathon and decided to get some of her senior photos done while she was here.  Jack over at Two Conchs Charters referred the family to me while they were out on one of their trips.  Naturally, since Lindsey is such an avid fishergirl, we included some shots with the rod and reel and her in her Two Conchs shirt.  Lindsey will be a senior for the 2018 school year so she’s on top of the photos and can now mark them off the list!


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  • Family

    The Davis Family {Florida Keys Family Photographer}

    The Davis family contacted me just before their arrival to see about some family photos while they were in town on vacation.  At first, I didn’t have any availability but because they were flexible (read: willing to get up early on vacation), we were able to work it out.  The vacation was the family Christmas present to each other and they wanted to capture what they described as a “special family moment.”  In addition to grabbing some family photos of mom and dad, brother and sister and the whole family, we grabbed some maternity photos for the new parents to be.  I’m so glad we were able to squeeze this crew in because I know it meant a lot to them to capture this experience/vacation.


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