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    “R” {Marathon Senior Photographer}

    I love it when seniors bring something to personalize their photos. What started as a Father/Son quarantine project made for a great senior photo prop at the high school. After a quick wardrobe change, we added some casual photos at the beach where we discovered he has a great pensive look. Good luck at fire college!

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    Noah {Marathon Senior Photographer}

    What a cool young man.  I almost wrote “kid.”  He’s not a kid though.  Noah is a member of the Marathon High School class of 2017 and will head off to school in Michigan this fall.  Though he started out as a bit of a shy guy at the beginning of the session, I felt like by the end of it, he was actually enjoying the sesssion a little.  He probably wouldn’t admit it to his mom, but I think he actually had fun.  Gasp!  Good luck, Noah!  I’m sure you’ll do great things.

    Location – Sombrero Beach –  Marathon, FL

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    Carolina {Marathon Senior Photographer}

    This is a busy time of year for our seniors in town.  Announcements are starting to go out letting everyone know that our seniors are graduating.  Plans are being made for graduation, graduation parties and then on to the BIG PLANS.  I always like doing senior photos and listening to their plans for the future.  I have no doubt that this young woman will succeed in whatever she decides to do.  We needed to reschedule once because of rain and the session ended up being super windy, but it was fun nonetheless.

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    Lindsey {Florida Keys Senior Photographer}

    Lindsey and her family spend time at a second home they have here in Marathon and decided to get some of her senior photos done while she was here.  Jack over at Two Conchs Charters referred the family to me while they were out on one of their trips.  Naturally, since Lindsey is such an avid fishergirl, we included some shots with the rod and reel and her in her Two Conchs shirt.  Lindsey will be a senior for the 2018 school year so she’s on top of the photos and can now mark them off the list!


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    Best of Marathon 2016 – Thank You! {Marathon, FL Photographer}

    I am honored to have been voted as Best Photographer for the 5th year in a row during this year’s Best of Marathon awards. During the past 11 years of photographing in Marathon, I have enjoyed capturing the very special moments of some very special families. From behind the camera I’ve witnessed the nerves of engagements, the exchange of vows, met and photographed squishy newborns, and enjoyed growing families. I appreciate all of you who took the time to vote for me. Thank you also to my amazing assistant (Shuga) who, in addition to being the best dog whisperer, tambourine player and sunglass holder, makes sure all the wheels of the business keep turning. Thank you to the Marathon Rotary Club and The Weekly Newspapers for hosting the event. Now, who’s ready for some Fall Photos at the Fall Harvest on October 9th?

  • Seniors

    Jake {Florida Keys Senior Photographer}

    Senior sessions can be so much fun.  This one sure was!  When taking senior shots, I like to try to capture as much of their personality as possible while also summarizing this chapter of their life.  Jake is on the tennis team at school, but when he’s not on the court, he’s in the water spearfishing.