The “F” Family {Florida Keys Family Photographer}

Periodically I’m contacted by families that have come in from out of town for a reunion of sorts and would like to get some updated family photos.  I’m a sucker for these sessions because as the smaller families are created and grow, the opportunity for full family photos with gramma and grampas becomes more difficult.  I encourage any family to get pictures as often as the whole family can be together, and sometimes this means getting them done while on vacation.  The “F” family of 12 came from all over the country and was full of spunk (and Nick’s….I think there were 4 of them).  Gramma and Grampa wanted some full family shots as well as some of just the grandkids and their families as well.  Since they were staying at Hawks Cay, we used the resort for our landscape.  What a beautiful facility for a wonderful family.  If you’re coming to town and your whole family will be together, think about getting some updated family photos while you’re here. 

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